Testimonial #1

After years of dealing with shoulder and neck pain due to a repetitive stress injury, and later a dance related injury. My treatment with Dr. Meyer have been literally the only thing that has improved my situation.  I noticed improvement ever after the first treatment and after 6 treatments, I have improved 90%. No others treatments that have given me more mobility and relieved my discomfort and pain then my treatments with Dr. Meyer’s. I’m so happy to have found her.

– Gabrielle S.

Testimonial #2

Three leading neuro and orthopedic surgeons recommended I immediately undergo a fourth back surgery.  My mobility and functioning was severely limited and mood severely depressed.  My life consisted of racing between you name it appointments to supplement steroid epidural and other various invasive chemical drug treatments.

Not believing I could endure a fourth major back surgery, I was referred to Dr. Anne Meyer, Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management M.D. at Cedar Sinai Hospital. I was instantly engaged both physically and mentally by Dr. Meyer’s presence and treatment.  I felt hope and motivated to continue and not give up.  The immediate positive response from her inner muscular stimulation (IMS) treatment, that I had never before experienced with any other therapy made me feel safe to exercise and become far more involved in a treatment plan.  Quicker progress with less pain saved my life.  With each treatment I could feel a greater ease of motion, which was empowering mentally.

At a very early stage of treatment I began to perform increased body movement exercises with little or no pain, which made me feel excited and optimistic in a way that redefined therapy for me.   Greater balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, speed, and strength are now possible.  Fourteen years after first seeing Dr. Meyer I have not had any further surgeries or steroid epidurals, my pain medicine, and treatment, at a minimum.
Dr. Meyer’s vast knowledge and unique – cutting edge – non-invasive modalities combined with a wise, compassionate, reasoned and comforting approach has resulted in true healing and repair.

Her individualized approach, specifically based on each patient’s “present†condition, makes her the best alternative to bed rest, medication, surgery and relentless chronic de-habilitating pain.

– Maria C., Tarzana

Testimonial #3

Dr. Meyer gave me a mixture of oils for my prostate discomfort and pain in my lower abdominal. Within three days, the pain decreased within nine days, the symptoms were gone. Thank you for all the help as my Pain Management Doctor and your help with my thoughts on life, behavior modification, herbal medical assistance, along with acupuncture.

– Tony S.

Testimonial #4

When I saw Dr. Anne Meyer her diagnoses was immediate and accurate. I got major relief of my back and neck pain during and after treatment. She also got me on a nutritional program to help my pain and general well-being. She got me on a program of exercise and stretching at home which makes me feel great.

– Lynn Z.

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